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Custom Celebration and Wedding Cake Pricing
**Please note: We are currently becoming fully booked for custom orders approximately 2-4 weeks in advance for most weekend dates.  Please book early!!**
We like to get at least a 2 week notice for Custom Celebration Cakes, and a 4 week notice for all Wedding Cake orders.  However, at times, we can do them on shorter notice, subject to time availability.  We also recommend booking your event as soon as possible to avoid our being fully booked for your date.  A deposit is required on ALL Custom Cake orders before the order can be booked.  This can be paid by going to the "Pay Deposit Online" page and clicking on the "Pay Now" link for the appropriate deposit amount. This amount is deducted from your total cost.  

Custom Celebration Cake Pricing
Since prices vary greatly from cake to cake and depend on size, flavor choices, and complexity of design, the following pricing guidelines will give you an idea of base prices for various cake types. All pricing is based on standard cake flavors, with one flavor per tier of cake. Deluxe and Drunken flavors are also available (pricing for these is provided on the "Cake & Icing Flavors/Colors" page).
To receive a price for your next celebration cake, please contact us.

Sheet Cakes
Servings based on a 2x2x2 inch slice.  These cakes are one layer, 2 inches tall (can also make them double layered upon request).
¼ sheet, serves 24-28: $35+
½ sheet, serves 48-50: $70
Full sheet, serves 96: $100+

Custom Birthday/Celebration Cakes
Base prices.  Additional charges will apply based on design details, characters (figures) desired, sizes of tiers, etc.
**Note: Any serving sizes listed for party cakes are based on party serving sizes, not the smaller wedding size slices.**

2-D (cakes are made in the shape of the object, for example, Hello Kitty or Crown):  $40+

3-D (cakes sculpted from sheet cakes;
for example, a pirate ship or train):  $150

Single tier round:             Single tier square:
6" - feeds 8-10  $25+        6" - feeds 10-12 $30+
8" - feeds 16-18   $40+     8" - feeds 20-22 $45+
10" - feeds 30-32   $55+                  10" - feeds 35-40 $60+
12" - feeds 45-50  $75+                   12" - feeds 50-55 $80+

2 tier cakes (one cake stacked on top of the other): *Party size servings; many other sizes are available, these are just the most commonly ordered for parties
8" and 6" tiers - feeds 26-28,   $85+
10" and 6" tiers - feeds 36-40, $100+
10" and 8" tiers - feeds 48-52, $125+

Any cake of 3 or more tiers will be priced per serving, with a base price of $3.00 per serving.  This will be higher in many cases, based upon the design details (hours of labor involved in creating the cake's details and designs), any characters added, etc. Please keep in mind that the smallest 3 tier cake will serve approximately 70, so these will cost $210+.

Mad Hatter/Topsy Turvy:  2 tier:  $125+
                                           3 tier: $3.50+ per serving

Wedding & Groom’s Cakes
We are so excited to be chosen as one of the top 12 Best Wedding Cake Bakeries in Knoxville for 2017 by Expertise.com!
We understand that your wedding is a very important milestone in your life, and your cake is of utmost importance.  Given that wedding and groom's cakes are geared toward reflecting your themes and personalities, we are happy to schedule a Free consultation to discuss details, designs, and pricing.  We encourage couples to schedule this face-to-face consultation so that every detail is discussed and planned, and we may give you recommendations that will best fit your needs - size to serve your number of guests, shape that works best for your event, and options within your budget.  Consultations can last as long as you need, so please allow plenty of time to go over all of the details thoroughly.  We also encourage you to bring any photos, color swatches, cake toppers, etc, that you have so we can include those items when planning your cake.  If you would like to get tasting cupcakes as that time, please place that order when setting up your consultation appointment, so we can have it ready for you (tasting information provided below). We bake everything to order, and will not have anything available unless ordered prior to consultation.
Our wedding cakes are priced based on the size, shape, cake flavors, fillings, and design detail required. The base price is $3.00 per serving. This base price includes one standard cake flavor per tier, vanilla buttercream filling, white icing, and a ribbon border in the color of your choice.  Any other details or changes can add to the price.
Delivery and set up are available, and the fee is based on the location of the venue.

A deposit of 50% is required to book a wedding order.  The remaining balance is due two weeks prior to delivery, or at time of pick up if we aren't delivering.  Please also review my "Custom Order Policies" page for valuable ordering and cake care information. 

  Groom’s cakes are priced like all other celebration cakes, based on size, number of servings, and design details.


                                                     Cake Tastings:
Because we make every cake to order, we must charge for all cake tastings. The best way to do a cake tasting is to order a dozen cupcakes, in up to 3 flavors for $24, 4 flavors for $26, 5 flavors for $28, or 6 flavors for $30. 
When choosing flavors for your tasting options, please consider the following:
- If you plan to serve cupcakes at the wedding, feel free to choose from any of the cupcake OR cake flavor menus.
- If you plan to serve a cake at the wedding, I recommend choosing ONLY flavors from the cake flavor menu.  The cupcake menu choices come with toppings and fillings that would not be used on a cake. 

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