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 Dietary Restriction Orders
**The pictures on this page are a few of the allergen free cakes we have done. Allergies do not keep us from making cakes in amazing designs; We can do almost anything that we would do with regular
cakes and icings!**

Many people suffer from food allergies or medical conditions requiring a restricted diet (such as sugar free).  To offer our quality products to those people, as well, we are able to make cupcakes and cakes that are sugar free, peanut free, dairy free, etc.  The menu for these will vary depending on the food restriction or allergy, so please contact us to place a special dietary order.  We can work with you to accommodate these needs and still provide you with wonderful cakes and cupcakes!!  We make EVERY effort to keep these options as affordable as possible, and try our best not to have added costs for these special treats.  However, some necessary ingredients are considerably more expensive than "regular" ingredients, and will require an additional fee on the order.  We will discuss these on a case-by-case basis with each client, so please don't hesitate to contact us!

**We also have a healthy Toddler cake and icing that uses natural ingredients such as wheat flour, as well as bananas and apples to sweeten them, avoiding artificial flavorings and a ton of sugar for sensitive tummies!! (Pictured here as a Nautical Themed Smash Cake)**

                Here is a general list of most common:

Wheat Free:
(The Sofia the First and John Deere cakes pictured are gluten and dairy free cakes!)
We can do vanilla, chocolate, and any fruit flavor cake in gluten free.
 All of my buttercream frostings and fondant are gluten and dairy free, as well. 

Peanut/Tree Nut Free:
(Mickey Mouse and Batman Legoman cakes are peanut free!)  We can do vanilla, yellow, chocolate, and any fruit flavor (using fresh fruit mixed in with cake batter) of cake in a PEANUT FREE version
Nut Free
Frostings: Buttercream, cream cheese, Chocolate buttercream, and marshmallow fondant are all PEANUT FREE

Milk free,  Eggless, and Vegan:
(Alice in Wonderland and Disney Princess Cakes are Dairy Free cakes!, and Mickey Mouse Cake is Milk, egg, and nut free!)
For those with dairy, milk, and egg allergies, we can make vanilla, chocolate, or and fruit flavor (using fresh fruit mixed in the cake batter) of cake in a DAIRY FREE version.  This is also a vegan recipe.

Dairy and Nut FreeFrostings:  Buttercream, chocolate buttercream, and marshmallow fondant are all DAIRY FREE.  These are also vegan recipes.

Sugar Free:
(Yes, the 80th Birthday Cake pictured here is 100% sugar free.  It is made with Splenda, powderized to make buttercream and fondant icings.)
Sugar Free - entire cake made with SplendaWhite, chocolate, and any fruit flavor (using fresh fruit mixed into cake batter) of cake can be done in sugar free.  I can also add your choice of sugar free pudding or candy fillings to cupcakes or cakes.  Fresh fruit makes a nice filling, as well.

Frostings/Fillings:  Vanilla or chocolate cream cheese icing; cream cheese whipped cream icing, or fruit icings using real fruit.  Can also add coconut or other type of sugar free treats to make specialty flavored frostings or fillings, or even as garnishes for cupcakes or cakes.

Dye Free: 
We can do a variety of pastel  and chocolate colored and flavored frostings and basic cake flavors in dye free versions for those with allergies to food dyes.  Please contact us to discuss these options.

We also offer low sodium (18mg per serving, as opposed to around 100mg per serving in regular cake) and gluten free options!

If you need something, but don't see it here, please let us know.  If there is a way, we can do it!!

**Disclaimer: We are NOT a nut, wheat, dairy free facility.  We do use these ingredients in our other items.  While we make every effort to ensure a clean work environment, and prevention of cross contamination, we cannot provide you with 100% certainty of zero contact, since these items are present in the bakery.  Only those facilities that do not use certain products are able to make this claim.  If you have severe allergies, you should not risk consuming our products.**
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